Originally I wanted to make the page as a weblog, but then that didn't work out yet because Facebook blocks that url. So I decided to put my weblog on Steffen030.de and there you can find it, even if the url was blocked by Facebook in the meantime. Don't know what Facebook has against content about homosexuality, but you can't unblock it, Facebook doesn't answer anyway, all my requests since years are unanswered. Anyway, here on this page are now the best posts from my blog, a few book and streaming tips and whatever else I can think of on the subject of homosexuality.

Welcome to borntobegay.de

Image via Amazon.de - "Gods of Sport"

Sex-Studie • »So viele Kalorien verbrennt man wirklich beim Bettsport«

Ersetzt Sex den Gang ins Fitnessstudio? • Sex ist die schönste Nebensache der Welt und hat zahlreiche positive Eigenschaften. 

The best posts on the blog

Here is a short selection of the posts that currently have the most hits and are therefore read the most. Probably this changes regularly, you can see that when you visit my blog.

more of course in the blog
Wet • Clothing is not an option, and bare-naked skin rules the day!    

Clothing is not an option, and bare-naked skin rules the day!

CUM! The Complete Guide to Orgasm    

The Art of the Climax: Forget that old prejudice about men only wanting to finish quickly and get it over with.

Leben mit einem grossen Penis 

Rat und Weisheiten für Männer, die außerordentlich gut ausgestattet sind

Image sources (from left to right) via Amazon, more in the blog under the posts: "Players" - "Gods of Sport" - "Amateur College Men".

Crazy for Madonna


An impressive career spanning four decades...Her fight for women's and LGBTQI+ rights...An icon whose artistic work extends far beyond music, fashion and film.... 

Streaming - OUTtv is THE lifestyle channel for homosexuals and all open-minded people.

You can expect internationally successful TV shows, exciting LGBT series, original reality shows, inspiring documentaries, hilarious telenovelas, gay and lesbian romcoms, award-winning movies and of course OUT Originals.

directly to the channel


A collection of LGBTQI+ short films.

Chemsex tbd


Vulnerable gay men who have problems with their sexuality, new drugs that help with that very problem, and new changing technology. This is then called the perfect storm.



A tranquil little town somewhere in Brazil. Here, shy teenager Lucas lives with his highly religious aunt Lourdes. As a well-behaved nephew, he helps with gardening and organizing their Bible circles, which he accompanies with Christian songs on his keyboard. The pious togetherness of the two is upset when the charitable Lourdes decides to also ...

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